603 SMOK'N QUE - Merrimack nh

    I'm Josh Hilyard the owner and pit master for 603 Smok'n Que. I started in the business selling hot dogs and Italian sausage outside a Harley Davidson. After that I started selling the same at NE Dragway. Customers mostly loved my many toppings and that everything from my chili to onion sauce was homemade.

   With others selling hot dogs and sausages I wanted my own identity so I came up with BBQ! I always loved and cooked BBQ for friends and family. I saved up money and drove to Georgia to buy my smoker. The rest is history.

    I crafted my recipes and had parties for my friends. Catering was the next step. The picture's on the right are from my first catering job. Although my set up is a lot nicer one thing that hasn't changed is the quality of my food! 

   I take pride in my cooking and I like to think it shows. I'm told my smoked BBQ is the best in NH.

                         Thanks  Joshua Hilyard